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Why Is There Ice On Your Air Conditioner Coil?

It’s never a good sign to find ice on the AC’s condenser coils in the middle of the summer season. The coils are part of the system that helps to cool your home by drawing heat out of the air inside. There are a few reasons why ice might form on the coils, all of which could be prevented by scheduling AC maintenance in Mississauga.

How Can you Remove the Ice from the AC System?

Before jumping to the fixing roots of the problem first, it is essential to clean and melt the ice from the unit. Here are the steps to clean and melt away the ice if you’re doing it yourself:
  • When you first discover the signs of the ice freezing on the AC unit, switch off the AC system at the electrical panel.
  • Now, take a sharp knife or any sharp object to break any chunks of ice on the AC system.
  • When you notice no big blocks of ice left, you can put the knife away and let the rest of the ice melt away.
  • Wait for the coils and all the moisture inside the AC unit to dry away, then switch on the AC system from the power plug.

Why Does the AC System Freeze in the Summers?

It is essential to understand how to prevent all this from happening again by knowing why it happens in the first place. The issue starts in the condenser and evaporator coils.
The outdoor unit transforms the refrigerant gas into a liquid and sends it to the evaporator. A fan circulates the air around the evaporator coil containing the refrigerant liquid exchanging the heat. The refrigerant liquid takes the heat from the air and transforms it into vapor. The temperature in condenser evaporator coils falls so low that instead of turning into liquid, it becomes solid and freezes.

One of the best ways to ensure this doesn’t happen is to schedule AC maintenance in Mississauga.

Reasons Why the Temperature Falls Suddenly

An AC system tends to show signs of an issue before it becomes a massive problem. Here are some reasons behind why ice forms on your AC unit:
  • There was a low refrigerant level running in the coils.
  • A dirty evaporator coil can restrict the refrigerant from flowing through the coils.
  • A damaged blower fan, worn-out electrical wires, cracked refrigerant lines, or a clogged drain can be behind the ice freezing in the AC system.
  • Dirty and blocked air filter or condenser coils or fins.

If you have any concerns about your unit and need an inspection or repairs, call us  Martino HVAC today! We also provide replacement services and AC Installation Mississauga.