Heat Pumps Services In Mississauga, ON

If you plan to buy a heat pump or already have one for your house, you must already be aware of its range of benefits. The first advantage that shines through all is its energy efficiency. Heat pumps are rare HVACs that do not generate heat or cool down air in their system. It only works through heat transfer, thus keeping your energy bills significantly low. 

Martino HVAC has been in the HVAC industry for over 30 years. We channel years of knowledge into our service, so rest assured, no matter the severity of their problem. 

Having worked on various projects, our team of experts can help you make the right decision when it comes to buying an HVAC for your house. HVACs are seen as a long-term investment, and buying the right one might do wonders for your house’s heating and cooling needs. 

When you avail services from us, we understand all your requirements and consider your house’s type and set up. All the data combined helps us narrow down our recommendations of the perfect heat pump for you. However, before buying a heat pump, you may consider a few things on your own so that you develop a concise idea of what you need. 

  • Budget 

Heat pumps come in various price ranges. The most efficient ones are usually expensive but are also the most efficient and will save you a ton of money in the long run.

  • Type 

Heat pumps are also classified based on a few different factors. Air source, water-source, geothermal, and mini-split are a few main types. Our experts will help you understand the function and benefits of each type so that you have a comprehensive idea of your ideal heat pump. 

  • Dual-fuel system 

Although heat pumps are versatile and can provide heating and cooling efficiency, they fail at extreme temperatures. A heat pump will not provide sufficient heating around freezing temperature, in which case it would require the help of an electric heat strip or a gas furnace. 

Such hybrid heat pumps switch on secondary heating automatically when temperatures fall too much. Whether or not you should buy a dual-fuel heat pump depends upon your residential location, altitude, and coastal influence. 

It may seem overwhelming, but at Martino HVAC, we assure you the best heat pump service in Mississauga and heat pump recommendations that will keep you snug and cozy through the coldest of winter. 

  • Thermostat 

Thermostats are a vital part of any HVAC system. Today, you can choose from many kinds of thermostats, each offering a range of different functions. You can choose from a standard thermostat, programmable thermostat, or a smart thermostat that often comes with built-in WiFi. 

Our experts ensure that you understand the benefits of each thermostat and which one would fit your budget. 

Our services 

Following is a list of heat pump services that you can avail yourself from us

  1. Heat pump installation 
  2. Heat pump repair
  3. Heat pump maintenance
  4. Heat pump replacement and much more.

Get in touch with one of your experts to answer all your queries about heat pump service in Mississauga