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Is Your HVAC System Ready For Summer?

Summer is already knocking at your door. As the temperature starts to climb, you will be tempted to turn the switch on and provide comfort to your family with the cool breeze from the air conditioner. But is your air conditioner prepared enough to give the required service you demand? Not sure, right?

Let’s Talk About it in Detail

Air conditioners need to be cleaned and maintained before it starts to do the hard work. You can clean the top of the system with cleaning wipes. Some elements need to be handled with care, and for this, you need guidance from professionals. A team of experts will conduct the necessary services so that your air conditioner exhibits top-notch performance.

Regular Maintenance Before Summer

Yearly maintenance is necessary. We recommend at least one checkup in the Spring to ensure your cooling equipment is ready during those hot Summer days.

You can reach out to us at Martino HVAC for an air conditioner maintenance service in Mississauga.

Check on the Filters

Filters can be covered with dust and molds if not used for a stipulated period, especially during winters. It needs to be cleaned at least twice a year or before spring ends.

If necessary, filters need replacement so that it does not restrict the air circulation and decrease the efficiency of your HVAC system.

Clean the Condenser Coil

Your AC’s condenser coil and fan can accumulate debris. Usually, condensers are located outdoors. This means it might be exposed to leaves, debris, and dirt, which might clog the coil. A build-up in the condenser will disrupt the flow of air and your system’s efficiency. It needs to be cleaned thoroughly to avoid any costly repairs.

If your condenser is uncovered during the winter season, dust and dirt will surely rest there, needing clearance before the summer.

Carefully Inspect Coolant Lines

Refrigerant lines need an inspection too as any damage can lead to leakage of water from the pipelines.

Coolant lines also have insulators. A fault or crack in the insulator will not hold the air and regulate the temperature. If it has a crack, you should immediately arrange a replacement for it.

Make Necessary Repairs

Your HVAC system might get damaged due to various reasons. Before turning it on, it is best to run a quick test to see if there are some technical issues present. If yes, consider calling a skilled technician to solve all the problems.

For any repairs, schedule the best AC repair service in Mississauga with Martino HVAC today!

Reasons for Preparing your AC for Summer

  • Improves the efficiency of your HVAC system
  • Ensures safety measures for your family
  • Better indoor air quality
  • Less consumption of energy bills
  • Avoid costly repair services

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